Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Independence Day Nail Design

Hello Folks,
                  Hope you guys are doing great. And yes by Grace of God we are celebrating independence day. May His blessings shine upon Pakistan and Pakistanis for ever :-)
When i was thinking about painting my nails for the day i was wondering to use green and white colors but then the idea clicked and i challenged myself to paint the monuments (Quaid's Residency, Mizar-e-quaid, Minar-e-Pakistan and Dara-e-Khyber) for the 4 provinces of Pakistan.
I hope you will enjoy it. I would love to see your comments. Happy Independence Day everyone. Pakistan Zindabad

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Maybelline ColorShow Nail Lacquer in Urban Turqoise Swatch & Little Mermaid Nails

Hello folks,
                Hope everybody is doing great :-) This summer, its all about popping colors either its your clothes, shoes orr Nail Colors :-) :-) Yes today i'll be sharing my experience with recently launched "Maybelline ColorShow Nail Lacquers".
I tried to choose a different color to increase my collection and i must say i havent found the particular color in any of the local brands range. The bottle is a lil bit smaller that i expected but the color pay off is great. Applicator is sleek and wide bristles allows to spread the nail polish evenly and smoothly. 

Maybelline ColorShow Nail Lacquer in Urban Turqoise (Two Coats)

The color you can see in above picture is a result of two coats. The best part about the Nail Polish is that dries soooper fast. I am literally amazed with the drying time. It dries completely within 2 minutes, isn't it great???
The color range is pretty cute and the quality is great too. I've bought mine from for Rs. 350 and i've already ordered more colors :-)

Thats not the end. Here is a lil extra treat :-) :-) i have painted my little mermaid and the colors just popped with Maybelline ColorShow Urban Turqoise as base.

 Hope u'll enjoy it. Stay blessed. :-)

Monday, 22 July 2013

Owl Nail Art

Hey everyone , hope you guys are doing great. I have been looking around for inspiration for my new nail design and i realised owls are so popular now a days. You can see them everywhere. On shirts, rings necklaces , earrings etc etc. So i decided to do a manicure carrying a cute version of owl.

owl nail design with my owl ring 

So here's my manicure :-) Hope u'll like it. U can send ur feedback on our facebook page as well

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Fashion Girl Nail Art (My First Blog)

Hello Everyone!
                        Hope you guys are doing great. Feeling great in summers???  ........ a bit difficult i know. But here i assure you that you will feel good every time you'll visit. Being my very first blog post i have been thinking about it for so many days... what it should be..what should i write. So finally i decided to do a nail art that depicts everything you'll see here in future posts... I'll be reviewing some beauty products, will be sharing my nail art and of course some tutorials too :-) :-)

So here it starts gorgeous people .....

 Fashion Girl Nail Art

I hope u'll enjoy your visit here. :-) Stay blessed.

Products Used:
  • OPI Love at First Sight Collection as base coat
  • Acrylic Colors, 
  • Nail Art detailing brush
  • Sweet Touch Top coat